Professional IT Outsourcing Service

Professional IT Outsourcing is a service that provides highly experienced IT Professional to work at customer's site. ASC matches the right people with the right job specifically for the customer's requirement. Because we have specialized IT recruitment team, our professional IT staff are not only able to start working immediately but have a vast variety of skills in different IT technologies.

Why IT outsource service is necessary to your business

- Customers can save both time and cost.

- We can provide multi-skilled staff so that customers can focus on their mission-critical issues. Let all of your issues be our responsibility. We can guarantee that our people will never leave the project half-way through.

- Customers can return staff to ASC once the project is complete and that customer does not have to be responsible for allowance or welfare of the staff which in-charge by ASC.

- Our IT Outsourcing services are tailored designs according to the customer's needs and plans, either as a complete solution or a partial operation solution.